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Faulty Door Lock or Ignition?

If you have problems with your vehicle door lock or ignition, in some cases we can repair or replace (top tip: sometimes locks not operating properly are down to the key being warn – so if you have two keys, try both keys first to eliminate key issues). Please call us with the vehicle’s make, model and registration number and we will quote you for a door lock or ignition replacement service.

Our locksmith services include residential, automotive, commercial, safes, deadbolt installation, home rekeying, lockouts, lost keys, master key systems and more! If you are looking for an experienced locksmith, call Action Locksmith Today!

Lost or stolen keys? You may be considering a vehicle door lock change if you’ve had your car or van keys stolen, or if you have lost them. In these situations you have two options available to you:-

Deactivate Your Lost or Stolen Keys

Depending on the circumstances, you do not necessarily have to change the locks. We can cut and programme replacement keys, which in most cases deactivates or deletes the lost/stolen keys from the system. This means that if someone did try and gain access to your vehicle using your old key, they will not be able to start the vehicle, so will not be able to drive it away. They can however, possibly gain access with the old manual key, so you need to consider if your belongings in your vehicle are at risk. This option is generally used for where the car was not at your home address or workplace at the time of the keys going missing (so if they fell into the wrong hands, they would have no ideal how to relocate the vehicle).

Changing the Vehicle Locks

If you do decide to change the locks, please call us with the vehicle’s make, model and registration number and we will quote you for a full lock change.